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LUMENS is at your side when you develop ideas and break new ground. We help your creativity to break through. 

We passionately accompany our clients in the establishment and internationalisation of their business. We are partners to investors, associations, founders and companies. We have extensive litigation experience from more than 1,000 court cases in intellectual property law.

We have obtained landmark decisions before the German Federal Court of Justice and the European Court of Justice. We know what matters in negotiations and when it makes sense to advise against suing. In an ever-changing regulatory environment, we advise with an entrepreneurial mindset and the goal of an efficient solution. You can rely on our experience, our quality and our assertiveness.


Trust our competence and expertise

We combine excellence with in depth experience. Laws change, as does the judiciary. New forms of communication and knowledge sharing  require legal innovation. LUMENS is always at the cutting edge. And sometimes even one step ahead.

LUMENS has particular expertise in competition law disputes. We have conducted hundreds of court proceedings in competition law and provide comprehensive advice on options for out-of-court settlements.  

We know whether it is better to issue a cease-and-desist declaration with a penalty clause or to be sued. We know who is entitled to a cease-and-desist letter. We always recommend a professionally sound and economically sensible course of action.

LUMENS has extensive knowledge and many years of experience in the complex field of trademark, company signs and work title law. We offer our clients a broad range of services. We represent clients in the infringement and defense of trademarks and other trademark rights, whether through preliminary injunctions or lawsuits. We advise companies on the strategic development of trademark and domain portfolios and manage them. 

We conduct worldwide trademark, company name and domain searches as well as trademark collision monitoring. We register trademarks nationally and internationally with the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA), the EUIPO, the member states of the Madrid System and, through our foreign correspondent attorneys, outside the Madrid System. We draft trademark license, trademark purchase and trademark delimitation agreements. We assist other law firms in conducting due diligences in trademark and design law.

Registered designs protect the external shape and color design of products such as furniture, clothing or graphic symbols. LUMENS advises you on the design application process. Central to this are the submitted representations, as these determine the scope of the property right, as well as the novelty of the design.

We register your designs nationally with the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA), support you in international registrations or in the filing of EU-wide Community Designs, and represent you in the infringement and defense of your designs. Even if you want to assert property rights from an unregistered design or Community design, LUMENS is at your side.

LUMENS advises on all copyright and ancillary copyright matters. We represent our clients – whether private individuals, media professionals, artists or companies – in all copyright and media law matters. 

We support authors in their legal enforcement and companies in the necessary acquisition of rights. We know both sets of interests and offer practicable solutions for usage and licensing agreements, especially in the areas of photography, film, advertising, databases and social media.

Many disputes in international business are based on insufficient agreements or defective contracts. LUMENS provides forward-looking and comprehensive advice in the complex field of contract law in German and English. This includes drafting and reviewing contracts as well as negotiating and enforcing rights arising from existing agreements. 

We support our clients with a high level of technical expertise in all questions of contract implementation and in the drafting of general terms and conditions, taking into account the internationally valid Incoterms or End User License Agreements.

LUMENS advises on the external appearance of companies and individuals, on how to deal with false statements and inaccurate representations in public. Together with you, we analyze which course of action makes sense economically and for your public image.  Attorney Juliane Schütt has worked for public broadcasting for many years and has in depth expertise from the inside view of media companies.

In addition to individuals, companies are also entitled to personal rights. In most cases, this concerns the social scope of validity and respect as well as protection against statements damaging to a company’s reputation. LUMEMS advises competently and quickly on the question of when the boundary between permissible expression of opinion and unlawful damage to reputation is crossed. 

We review press releases and campaigns critical of the company for our clients before they are published in order to minimize the risk of damages.

Numerous national and European regulations impose strict requirements on the production and marketing of food. Food law is also characterised by an almost unmanageable number of production and labelling regulations. We accompany our clients from the development of a new food product through the market launch and marketing to representation in crises vis-à-vis competitors and authorities. 

LUMENS’ services include marketability assessments and advice on food approval procedures, reviewing advertising measures such as “health claims” and the presentation of food, reviewing labelling and packaging, advising clients and suppliers on contractual law, advising on defect and product liability as well as crisis communication and crisis management in the event of recalls, disputes under press law or food tests.

Data determine markets and establish and secure power.  

LUMENS provides comprehensive advice in all areas of data protection law. We have certified knowledge of data protection officers and implement data protection law requirements for our clients, in particular the GDPR. 

We develop catalogues of measures for the implementation and improvement of data protection and data security in companies, review data protection declarations and represent clients out of court and in court in the enforcement of claims under data protection law.

Information technology law is a cross-sectional matter with reference points to software, information and multimedia law. 

LUMENS has years of experience and expertise in advising e-commerce companies. We draft and review contracts for e-commerce, IT project contracts, software creation and software transfer contracts including general terms and conditions.

We are specialists when it comes to the energy labeling of cars, real estate and electronic household products, the so-called „white goods“. We know the requirements that the German regulationns Pkw-EnVKV, the GEG as well as various EU – regulations place on the labeling of energy consumption relevant products.

LUMENS’ expertise in commercial law ranges from the drafting and review of general terms and conditions of purchase, sale and business to comprehensive advice and representation in all matters of commercial transactions and the support and implementation of modern forms of trade, such as e-commerce in particular. 

We advise you in all legal relations with your business partners as well as in competition and corporate law relations with other companies.

The corporate law expertise of LUMENS covers all conceivable corporate situations. We advise our client comprehensively on choosing the appropriate legal structure, on company and business start-ups and on all questions of liability.

We draft individual partnership and management agreements or assignments of shares as well as the preparation and conduct of shareholders’ meetings and resolution contestation proceedings. We advise our clients in disputes between the shareholders and between the shareholders and the management.


LUMENS looks ahead

We combine not only decades of professional experience, but also knowledge and experience from various fields ranging from management consultancy to competition law and journalism. 

We are lawyers specialising in intellectual property law, tax law as well as copyright and media law and certified in data protection law. However, you are welcome to make use of our expertise in other areas as well. 

Tobias Bulling

Tobias Bulling has worked as a lawyer since 2003 and is a founding partner of LUMENS Rechtsanwälte. He advises domestic and foreign clients on issues of trademark law, competition law, design and copyright law, international contract law as well as commercial and corporate law. His clients include intenational associations, investors and companies of all sizes from start-ups to listed Dax corporations. He has extensive litigation experience in national and cross-border infringement proceedings and represents clients at all relevant German courts and before the DPMA and the EUIPO. He has obtained landmark decisions before the Federal Court of Justice.  Tobias Bulling’s clients come from a wide range of industries, such as fashion, food, automotive, industrial plant engineering, cosumer protection as well as trade and consumer goods. A particular focus of his work is on e-commerce. 

After studying in Heidelberg, Sarajevo, Berlin and Kiel, Tobias Bulling completed his legal clerkship at the Higher Regional Court of Potsdam. After his second state examination, he began working in 2003 in Berlin at the law firm Gentz und Partner, where he became a partner in 2010. His first specialisation in tax and corporate law was followed by his second passion for intellectual property law. Tobias Bulling is a specialist in intellectual property law and a specialist in tax law. In 2022, he founded the IP boutique LUMENS Rechtsanwälte in Berlin together with lawyer Juliane Schütt.

Juliane Schütt

Juliane Schütt has worked as a lawyer since 2013 and is a founding partner of LUMENS Rechtsanwälte. She advises and represents clients in all matters of competition law, copyright and data protection law, national and international contract law as well as food and energy labelling law.  Her clients include international associations, investors and companies of all sizes from start-ups to listed Dax corporations. Juliane Schütt has extensive litigation experience before all relevant German courts and represents clients in national and cross-border proceedings. She has obtained landmark decisions before the German Federal Supreme Court and the European Court of Justice. Juliane Schütt’s clients come from the food, trade, energy, data and consumer protection sectors. As a former journalist, she also has a particular focus on press and publicity law. 

Juliane Schütt studied law and journalism and communication sciences at the Free University of Berlin in a double degree programme. After obtaining her Master’s degree and alongside her law studies, she began a ten-year professional career in public broadcasting. In 2011, shortly before the birth of her third child, she completed her legal traineeship with excellence. In 2015, she became a partner in the law firm Gentz und Partner. Juliane Schütt has been a specialist in intellectual property law since 2017, a specialist in copyright and media law since 2018 and a certified data protection officer since 2021. In 2022, she founded the IP boutique LUMENS Rechtsanwälte together with lawyer Tobias Bulling.


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  • Sie unterstützen und entlasten uns in operativen und organisatorischen Aufgaben.
  • Sie bearbeiten eigenständig Fristen, kennen sich aus in der Fristberechnung und erfassen und kontrollieren diese sorgfältig.
  • Sie führen und verwalten die Akten selbstständig und überwachen die Wiedervorlagen, auch im Dokumentenmanagementsystem.
  • Sie erstellen und bearbeiten Dokumente nach Vorlage wie beispielsweise Verträge, Gutachten, Schriftsätze und allgemeine Korrespondenz.
  • Sie überwachen das Kostenfestsetzungsverfahren und kennen sich ggf. in der Zwangsvollstreckung aus.
  • Sie fertigen Kostenrechnungen nach dem Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz an und rechnen Akten nach Stunden ab
  • Sie übernehmen die Reise- und Terminplanung sowie die Reisekostenabrechnung

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  • ein sicherer, unbefristeter und abwechslungsreicher Arbeitsplatz 
  • eine zentrale City-Lage mit sehr guter Anbindung an die öffentlichen Verkehrsmittel
  • flexible Arbeitszeiten
  • eine überdurchschnittliche Vergütung nebst Sozialleistungen
  • eine angenehme Arbeitsatmosphäre
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  • ein VBB-Ticket.

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